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Full textDateTitleOrganisation
2015Influence of biotic factors on the mechanical properties of wood, taking into account the time of harvestingΤΕΙ ΑΜΘ - ΕΛΚΕ
2015Alternative end scenarios for the LCA analysis of a steel-framed residential buildingΤΕΙ ΑΜΘ - ΕΛΚΕ
2015Aspects of a steel-framed building’s life cycle that influence its environmental sustainabilityΤΕΙ ΑΜΘ - ΕΛΚΕ
2014Life cycle analysis of a steel buildingΤΕΙ ΑΜΘ - ΕΛΚΕ
2014Factors and Issues Related to the Environmental Impact Caused by the Life Cycle of Timber Building Construction ProjectsΤΕΙ ΑΜΘ - ΕΛΚΕ
2013Environmental Impact Assessment of the Life Cycle of a Timber BuildingΤΕΙ ΑΜΘ - ΕΛΚΕ
2013Environmental Sustainability Assessment Methodologies for Steel and Timber StructuresΤΕΙ ΑΜΘ - ΕΛΚΕ
2013Crisp and fuzzy advanced hierarchhy process for the design of an industrial building based timber and steel elements.ΤΕΙ ΑΜΘ - ΕΛΚΕ
2013Life Cycle Assessment of a Steel-Framed Residential BuildingΤΕΙ ΑΜΘ - ΕΛΚΕ

Showing results 1 to 9 of 9