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Full textDateTitleOrganisation
2012Thermal comfortΤΕΙ Πάτρας
2012Solar collectors installation in collaboration with a heat pump system in West Pomeranian University of Technology, SzczecinΤΕΙ Πάτρας
2006Pythagoras project: Development of an innovative training package on Indoor Environment QualityΕθνικό και Καποδιστριακό Πανεπιστήμιο Αθηνών (ΕΚΠΑ). Τμήμα Φυσικής. Τομέας Εφαρμογών Φυσικής. Ομάδα Μελετών Κτιριακού Περιβάλλοντος
2012PV/Thermal collectorsΤΕΙ Πάτρας
2012Passive cooling of buildingsΤΕΙ Πάτρας
2013Passive cooling of buildingsΤΕΙ Πάτρας
2013Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems: Design and Performance: Towards EU target for nearly zero energy buildings from 2020ΤΕΙ Πάτρας
2013Energy saving in protected buildingsΤΕΙ Πάτρας
2012Economizing energy in protected buildingsΤΕΙ Πάτρας
2012Domotics related to energy and R.E.S. management: A case study how to innovate on the power consumption & management in buildingsΤΕΙ Πάτρας
2012Building integration of renewable energy systems: Towards EU target for nearly zero energy buildings from 2020ΤΕΙ Πάτρας
2013Bioclimatic Architecture PrinicplesΤΕΙ Πάτρας
2012Bioclimatic Architecture PrinicplesΤΕΙ Πάτρας
2012Application of renewable sources of energy for heating and preparation of warm water in an individual houseΤΕΙ Πάτρας
Showing results 11 to 24 of 24